US praises Grenada over its CBI program

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Posted by Roy Weatherby on 14 December 2020
Coastal photo of Grenada in the Caribbean.

Grenada CBI Program

Linda Taglialatela, the US Ambassador to the Eastern Caribbean, has commended Grenada’s due diligence process for its Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program, in the context of its use of the Joint Regional Communication Centre (JRCC) more than “some of the others”.

The JRCC, part of the Caribbean Community is based in Barbados, where the US embassy is also based. The Centre is an agent for regional security, has access to agencies such as Interpol, and screens traffic in an out of the region. Ms. Taglialatela stated The USA has working relationships with the Caribbean countries that offer CBI and that the JRCC is an important centre for due diligence in the region.

The Ambassador indicated that the USA preference is for the CBI countries not to offer these programs, but at the same time understands that they are away to raise money.

CBI revenue has become increasingly important to the economies of these countries.

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