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Residence By Investment Programs

Residence by Investment is the process of obtaining a permanent residency card in another country by investing in the economy of that country. Permanent residency status is then conferred at an accelerated rate compared to traditional applications.

There are many reasons why people choose an RBI program as a route to permanent residency. For example;

  • Security
  • Global mobility
  • Business
  • Tax management
  • Family
  • Education

What Do Countries Gain From Residence By Investment Programs?

Many countries offer Residence by Investment programs in order to attract much-needed foreign direct investment. Countries can then use these funds to invest in their own economic or cultural projects.

As an example, investors applying for the Portugal Residence by Investment program may invest in art restoration projects, research activities and more. Investors may also take advantage of a qualified offer to invest in the rehabilitation of an 18th century Palatial House in the city of Porto.

Which Countries Offer Residence By Investment Programs?

There are many countries offering a Residence by Investment program. The main residency program The Overseas Investor currently works with is the Cyprus Residence by Investment program which requires a minimum investment of only €300,000 and you can gain permanent residency in only two months.

An example of a few other RBI programs include;

  • Anguilla – has a minimum investment of $400,000 and 60 mths to PR
  • Bulgaria – has a minimum investment of €511,292 and 6-9 mths to PR
  • Portugal – has a minimum investment of €350,000 and 3-6 mths to PR
  • UK – has a minimum investment of £2,000,000 and 4-6 mths to PR
  • USA – has a minimum investment of $500,000 and 12-18 mths to PR
  • Canada – has a minimum investment of $1,200.000 and 36 mths to PR
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