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Before deciding on the correct business partners, it is essential we carry out our due diligence on developers and partners share our vision, ‘honesty, integrity and transparency in everything that we do’.

Our due diligence approach

Part of our due diligence is to actually visit each developer and see firsthand their operation.

Step 1 - Meeting with the CEO

Meeting with the CEO or equivalent representative is an important part of the process, giving us the opportunity to discuss the vision of the company and identify whether there is a synergy between both parties and that gut feeling that we can work together.

Step 2 - Sales & marketing team

The developer’s sales and marketing team would be working directly with potential buyers. Therefore, it is essential we understand how they conduct themselves and the process they have adopted. We also consider the quality of the information being supplied i.e. brochures, fact sheets, floor plans and furniture packs (where applicable) etc.

developers due diligence approach - the overseas investor
developers back office - the overseas investor

Step 3 - Back office team

The back office team would be the group who look after the administration, accounts, the legal side of the business and usually the after-sales service.

Quality customer service, administration and clear communication would be essential.

Step 4 - Site visits

Site visits are usually conducted by the senior salespeople which offer us the opportunity to discuss projects in more detail.

It is also important to view the different site locations, distances from landmarks, local amenities, quality of build on view, progress in relation to build timeframes and competitive pricing.

Major factors would include the financial strength of the company through to on-time delivery giving clients security.

It is important we are confident the developer has a good track record with regards to the site locations, quality of build/finish, completion timeframes and where applicable, have flexibility with individual interior design.

If you would like to discuss any of the above points, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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