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Why UK Property Investments?

UK property investment can be a lucrative way to make the most out of your savings with more people now seeking advice on how to start your property portfolio.

Driven by High demand and low supply, UK Property Investment represents the opportunity for long-term gains from rental income.  An increasing number of millennials are renting for longer periods and the expectation is that more than 30% of the wider generation will be renting into retirement.

The ongoing crisis in Hong Kong will further fuel the demand, with an expected 350,000 plus new residents, most of whom will be seeking high-quality apartments for young professionals or traditional homes for larger families mostly in the regional areas of the Midlands and the North which are already experiencing regeneration.

Leading experts have predicted unprecedented growth with more than 15% – 20% increase in property prices in most areas over the 5-year period to 2026. The Stamp Duty holiday has also impacted.

Demand For UK Property Investment

In recent years the buy-to-let market has taken a few knocks, with changing tax policies and potential price rises. However, the benefits of UK property investment far outweigh these.

The demand for rental properties in the UK is higher than ever before with a growing need for high-quality rental accommodation ensuring a steady stream of tenants.

Due to a growing population in the UK, there is a massive housing shortage, offering great investment opportunities. Buying property in the UK offers investors the potential to enjoy good long-term capital growth as well as an excellent rental income.

London has always been a hotspot for foreign investors, however, other major cities further north of the capital are attracting many investors who are looking for lower property prices offering high net returns and capital appreciation.

uk property investment - the overseas investor

Manchester and Birmingham, for example, can both boast having major international airports with fantastic motorway and rail transportation links.

On a commercial aspect, the trend continues with the BBC moving their headquarters from Central London to the City of Manchester.

Types Of UK Property Investment

UK property investment comes with a variety of options such as;

  • Residential accommodation (traditional buy to let)
  • Government-backed social housing
  • Care homes
  • Student accommodation
  • Holiday homes
  • Fractional ownership
  • Hotel rooms

Prices vary, as do the rental returns and assurances if any, so it is imperative you speak with a reputable agent that knows the developers, developments, locations and options available in order for you to make an informed decision on where to invest.

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