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Citizenship by Investment (CBI) also known as Economic Citizenship provides a direct route to legally acquiring citizenship, usually by making an investment in approved real estate or a contribution to the economy of a nation. All the existing CBI programs facilitate dual citizenship.

CBI offers a range of benefits and attracts high-net-worth individuals for a number of reasons. Visa-free travel is a main driver and many HNWI’s are also taking a second or alternative passport for security reasons, both personal and financial.

Since St. Kitts and Nevis launched the first CBI program in the world in 1984, followed by Canada’s Immigrant Investor Program in the same year, Economic Citizenship has become increasingly popular around the world. In the past decade several new CBI Programs have been launched, including, Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Portugal, Turkey, Vanuatu, and Montenegro.

The Caribbean CBI Programs offer excellent visa free travel; some countries enjoying visa-waivers or visa on arrival for as many as 140 + countries. There are also tax advantages in some jurisdictions if you take up residence. For example, Grenada offers visa-free travel to over 140 countries, source-based income tax, no inheritance tax and no capital gains tax. Grenada also benefits from the E-2 Investor Visa treaty with the USA.

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