Why should you consider relocating to Cyprus?

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Why should you consider relocating to Cyprus?

Posted by Yuri Lau on 20 August 2022

Cyprus is a classic island paradise, which is why it is known as the “Jewel of the Mediterranean.” If you want to improve your quality of life, soak up some sun, or simply get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, consider moving to Cyprus. This is why.

Cyprus has very high-quality healthcare

In Cyprus, you may obtain high-quality healthcare and choose between public and private options. If you hold an EU health card, you can obtain free medical care from the National Healthcare System at the point of delivery for everyone. Otherwise, you can enroll in the healthcare system. Furthermore, everyone will receive free emergency care at government hospitals, which are located in all major cities.

The country has a good grade of basic healthcare that can address many minor issues, and vaccines are not required because the rate of infectious diseases has been low for many years.

The island is slow-paced and emphasizes relaxation

If you reside in a large city or a place where there is constant hustle and bustle, and you feel like all you do is run the rat race, you should take some of your earnings and hire an International removals to Cyprus business. They will get you packed and transported to Cyprus in no time, and you will be able to select a location on the island to reestablish balance into your life.

Even if you haven’t studied Greek extensively, you will hear the term ‘Siga, Siga,’ which translates to’slowly, slowly,’ and you will hear it from everyone. The people of Cyprus will tell you that every experience you have should be enjoyed and taken full advantage of.

Meals and coffee breaks are relished and unhurried, everything is slowed down and quiet, and you will discover that you have the time to complete vital things correctly. Furthermore, family, companionship, and open places are all highly valued.

The cost of living is inexpensive

Cyprus has an extremely low cost of living, with many people estimating that it is anywhere from 20 to 50 percent less expensive than living in the United Kingdom, and it is around 25 percent less expensive than living in other European countries. Furthermore, there are numerous possibilities for living in Cyprus, both on a budget and if you have some extra cash. A one-bedroom apartment can cost roughly 550 euros per month, while a three-bedroom family-sized property can cost around 800 euros per month.

There are also low income tax rates, a restricted capital gains tax, minimal corporate taxes, and no inheritance taxes. If you want to work and generate big money, or if you want to retire without having to worry about taxes draining your assets, Cyprus can be a great place to be.

A diverse culture and a long history

Along with the native population, a great number of immigrants from all over the world are flocking to Cyprus for a variety of reasons, several of which are stated above. The schooling is excellent, and you may naturally immerse yourself in an international society. If you want to learn more about the world, meet new people and make new acquaintances, and rub shoulders with individuals from diverse cultures, you should visit Cyprus.

Furthermore, Cyrpus has a rich past and numerous ruins for history buffs to visit. The Ottoman Empire, the British Empire, the Greeks, the Romans, and even the Knights Templar were all based there. There’s a lot to learn about this small island and how it got to be what it is today, and if you enjoy history and want to investigate the island, you can.

There is plenty of sunlight and fresh air

Finally, if you truly want to enhance your health, you should visit Cyprus purely for the fresh air and sun. Cyprus is a typical island paradise, with warm sand, blue oceans, and clean air with little pollution. Because Cyprus lacks the heavy industry that many other places do, the air is cleaner, which can benefit your health.


If you wish to relocate to Cyprus, there are numerous reasons to do so! So, what are you waiting for? Begin packing now!

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