Cyprus Residency by Investment

The Cyprus Residence by Investment program provides a fast-track way to permanent residency in Cyprus for the entire family via a minimum €300,000 investment.

Non-European citizens can acquire a permanent residency permit with access to Europe in only 2 months and you do not even have to reside in Cyprus.

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    Cyprus Residence by Investment Application

    In order to apply for permanent residency via the Cyprus Residence by Investment program you have to;

    1. purchase a new property (or re-sale property) with a minimum value of €300,000 (a maximum of two properties can be purchased but must come from the same developer and total value at least €300,000)
    2. deposit €30,000 in a 3-year fixed deposit account with a Cyprus bank which can be withdrawn at the end of the period
    3. provide proof of income of at least €30,000 per annum for single applicants (you have to add €5,000 per person for spouse and dependant children and €8,000 per person for parents and in-laws)

    Visa Free travel within Schengen

    Fast processing time

    Apply for citizenship after five years

    Applications include family members.

    The entire family can consist of your spouse, dependent children up to 25 years, parents and parents in law and you only have to visit Cyprus once within the 1st year for biometric submission then only once every two years is all that is required. Your application can simply be processed in your absence and filed on your behalf and you can apply for citizenship in five years.

    The tax regime is favourable with no worldwide dividends, interest and income tax, no tax on gains and no inheritance tax.

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    Our properties gives you the opportunity to become part of something truly unique – get the most out of life in Cyprus. Make new friends, discover new hobbies, spend time enjoying the exceptional facilities and explore the world around you.

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