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Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program

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Why Invest?

  • Vanuatu offers one time opportunity to become a commonwealth citizen

  • Invest in a dual citizenship passport for the future of your family generations

  • No personal visit required. Apply online!

  • Zero residence requirements

  • Super-fast processing times (4 -6 weeks)

  • Simple and straightforward discrete application ocess

  • Citizenship is for life

  • Passport offers visa free mobility for tourism and business travelers

One Time Contribution to the Vanuatu Government

The Republic of Vanuatu has one of the most popular and exclusive Citizenship by Investment programs in the Pacific offering Ni-Vanuatu Citizenship to Investors. The Vanuatu program is currently one of the fastest passport programs, with a simple and efficient online application process that takes on average 4 to 6 weeks. 

It’s important that you choose a designated agent for Vanuatu Development Support Program (DSP) and who offer you the administrative support required. The Overseas Investor will introduce you to a Government designated and reputable agent together with an experienced legal team. Our promise is to guide you through the whole process.

The Vanuatu Government currently operates two types of citizenship by investment programs.

  1. Development Support Program (DSP)
  2. Vanuatu Contribution Program (VCP)

Both the programs have the same investment requirements US $130,000. This money must be donated to the state of Vanuatu in exchange for their citizenship and passport.

Development Support Program (DSP)

FIU | DD Fee

US $5,000 – Per applicant aged 18 plus.

The initial FIU DD payment is a non-refundable fee for the probity checks by the Vanuatu Government Financial Intelligence Unit. Following the FIU DD check and upon receiving the FIU Clearance Letter, the full Application Fee payment is required.

Application Fees

Single Applicant – US $130,000

Married Couple – US $150,000

Married Couple + 1 Child – US $165,000

Married Couple + 2 Children – US $180,000

Additional Dependents – US $25,000 each

Lawyer fees and some other small fees are excluded.  Please contact us for your personal and confidential quotation.

Passports have become an important safe haven investment for asset protection of families in the 21st century.

Key Facts

  • Vanuatu offers one-time opportunity to become a commonwealth citizen.
  • Invest in a dual citizenship passport for the future of your family generations.
  • No personal visit required. Apply online!
  • Zero residence requirements.
  • The USA E-2 Investor Visa
  • Super-fast processing times (4 -6 weeks).
  • Simple and straightforward discrete application process.
  • Citizenship is for life.
  • Passport offers visa-free mobility for tourism and business travelers.

Vanuatu passport has access to 129 countries in the world. The list includes Schengen area, Russia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore etc.

The USA E-2 Investor Visa

The E-2 Investor Visa is only available to citizens of countries that have a bilateral investor visa treaty with the USA. Vanuatu is one of 3 countries in the world that have both a bilateral investment treaty with the USA and an active CBI programme.

Successful application means the spouse of the applicant can also enter and work anywhere in the US. Your children under the age of 21 can go to public or private schools in the US and, in many states, are eligible for in-state university tuition. You and your family members can spend as much or as little time in the US as you wish and you can choose whether or not to become a US taxpayer by deciding how many days you reside in the US.

You must first acquire Vanuatu Citizenship before you can apply for an E-2 Investor Visa.

Find Out More

If you would like to receive our fact sheet, have any questions, or request a personal and confidential quotation for the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment program, please do not hesitate to contact us by completing the contact form below.

Alternatively, connect our team via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

We have a chosen selection of Countries offering both Citizenship and Residency programs. We would be delighted to guide you through your desired application.

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